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Learning Something New in Chicago

And for once, I’m not talking about the style manual.

Image credit: Bhargava Marripati from Pexels

Image credit: Bhargava Marripati from Pexels

If you recognize this picture, then you’ll know where I am this week. Yep, I’m right smack-dab in the middle of Chicago at the Editorial Freelancers Association’s conference.

This is the first year I’ve been able to attend, and the first time I’ve visited Chi-Town. My youngest went there four times for youth events when she was in high school, and I’ve already hit her up for the best pizza recommendations. If I have any discretionary time at all, you’ll find me at Giordano’s with a deep dish pizza in front of me.

But my real reason for going, of course, is the conference. Over the past few years, I’ve found my people—editors of all types—and contrary to popular belief, they’re a hoot. Not a stuffy person among them.

This year’s conference features some of my favorite editors and software developers from the US and the UK. I’ll get to listen to and meet some of my editing class instructors, the people who have written some of my reference books, and even some who have created the programs I use every time I open up my MS Word.

And of course, there’s the enjoyment of reacquainting myself with the terrific people I met last fall at a smaller conference in Rochester, NY.

I’m pretty sure a good time will be had by me, if not by all.

It’s so important to always keep learning, and to always keep growing in your chosen field. I’m a better editor than I was just a few years ago, and I don’t plan on stopping the education and skill development anytime soon.

Are you a conference-goer? Do you find encouragement and fresh inspiration by meeting up with people who share your passion and business niche? How do you keep your skills sharp, and what’s your favorite method of improving them?