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Sci-Fi/Space Opera

stephen fender

Jay Mackey

Cozy Mystery

Kim M. Watt


stephanie e. workman


Darrell Haemer

Jeff W. Barton

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Winner of 2018 Chapter of Excellence Platinum Award, Urban Fantasy
— Elemental, Brandon Ax
Winner of 2018 Distinguished Favorite, Independent Press Award, Fantasy; 2017 Novel of Excellence, Author’s Circle Book Award, Fantasy
— Static, S.K. Anthony

Winner of 2016 Novel of Excellence, Author’s Circle Book Award, Fantasy; 2016 finalist, Readers’ Favorite Award, Fantasy
— Kinetic, S.K. Anthony
2014 Honorable Mention, Indie Fab/Foreword INDIE Award, Horror
— The Devil's Hour, Raymond Esposito

2014 Bronze Medal, Reader’s Favorite Book Award, Horror; 2014 Honorable Mention, Wishing Shelf Award, Adult Fiction
— You and Me Against the World, Raymond Esposito

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award, Horror
— "The Dead Lie" (short story), Raymond Esposito
Best-Edited Indie, Slash & Burn Book Reviews, Paranormal
— Born Hunter, Dave Rudden



. . . a huge shout-out to Lynda of Easy Reader Editing. . . . she actually beta read an earlier book for me, and I didn’t even consider anyone else when I was looking for an editor. She’s amazing – quick, efficient, knowledgeable, and above all funny and easy to work with. I keep learning new and interesting (for the grammar fiends among us anyway) things from her, and she made the editing portion of the work ridiculously stress-free and easy, especially for a newbie like me. I’m only recommending her because I can’t write enough books to keep her exclusively to myself.

—Kim Watt



Just breezed through your edits. Nicely done. Thanks so much Lynda for excellent job and fast turnaround!

—Jewel Allen



I spent Saturday reading through the notes and comments and I am gobsmacked at the amount of work you put in. This is incredible. Thank you so much! I appreciate your input greatly.

—Chilu Lemba



Selecting an editor usually means you have to sacrifice something—price, quality, timeliness, or the personal touch.  Lynda is the exception to the rule—and she knows all the rules. If I had to sum up her greatest value it would be this: In every chapter, paragraph, and sentence, Lynda never forgets that the words are the author’s voice and she treats them with care and concern. She doesn’t so much apply editing rules but instead weaves them within the author’s intent and meaning. The result is that the story is still you but a better you.

—Raymond Esposito



Working with Lynda is always a pleasure. She has a way of making the edits fun and informative. I always find that I’m left excited to work after I get her notes. She has a way of making my writing shine without taking away anything that makes it my own. This is one editor who really knows her stuff, and her work has become truly invaluable to me as I pursue this path of writing.

—Brandon Ax



Thank you for your honesty and constructive criticism. This is my first book and therefore first interactions with betas and I'm learning not all are created equal. . . .You are so thoughtful in all your answers which is beyond helpful. I can’t thank you enough for doing this first reading and the valuable feedback.

—Kim Mower



I’d like to thank my editor @easyreaderediting for sharing this journey with me. She made things so smooth for a girl who was clueless about this whole process, and she was ever so patient with me.

—Stephanie E. Workman



It was great to have Lynda as my copyeditor. She was fast, responsive, thorough, and had a strong attention to detail. She reviewed every word and every punctuation mark on my 82,000-word manuscript two, three, or four times. She was a joy to work with and I won’t hesitate to use her again.

—Heidi Love



Who knew that editing could involve humor! . . . I am amazed at some of the mistakes that have been missed in my dozens of reads and re-reads as well as the multiple rounds of reading by 3 PhDs!! A true testament to your mad, mad skills.

—Kristen Snarski, PhD



[This book] has nearly completed its second round of editing. Typically my novels go for three rounds, but [this book] may only need this second one. This is attributed to two factors: one, my editor is nothing short of amazing, and has identified nearly all of my consistent flaws and corrects them before I even see them. Secondly, I become a better writer with each successive novel, so my editor has less to fix each time. Still, I attribute nearly all of my success to the former, not the latter.

—Stephen Fender