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Welcome to My New Home!

After blogging on another site for the better part of six years, I realize it’s time for a change.

Photo source: Pixabay via Pexels

Photo source: Pixabay via Pexels


I don’t normally like change for change’s sake, but this seems like a good move. My website is here on Squarespace, but my blog has always been with Blogger. When I finally set up a website in 2018 after years of trying to make my blog do all the heavy lifting, I made the difficult decision to keep my blog where it was so I wouldn’t lose any of my consistent readers. But the recent changes from Google, like getting rid of Google+ (a good move, in my opinion), have automatically sliced my readership to a fraction of what it was. I can only speculate that the Blogger Reading List (similar to the WordPress Reader) will also go away in time, making it even more difficult for people to see my posts unless they follow me on other social media. Perhaps Blogger itself will disappear.

So . . .

I’m not waiting around for the other shoe to drop. It only makes sense to have my blog in the same place as my website.

I plan on continuing the same great content I’ve provided all along, whether I’m giving out tips for better writing, advice from an editor’s point of view, book recommendations to help you along your writing journey, or just plain silliness from time to time. I’ll also be moving some of my most recent blog posts over here, since many of them are part of a continuing series. I even have some surprises in store!


The official move will happen on Thursday, April 4. My final Blogger post on March 21 will mark my 200th post there, so it’s a fitting time for change.

Here’s looking forward to a long and happy blogger/reader relationship.