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I read books. I correct books. I read more books.

What's Keeping Me Busy?

What's Keeping Me Busy?


Awaiting Publication


"The Beard" (short story in anthology Behind the Mask), Steve Dillon (horror)

A Life Not Chosen, Carol Mills (historical fiction)

Genesis, Book 1, Dark Cry series, Adam Dresden (urban fantasy)

Manifest Destiny, J.T. Buckley (sci fi/space opera)

Earth Fire, Karen Keil (fantasy fiction)



Laughing at the Sky, Heidi Love (memoir)

My Babysitter Is a Smartphone, Marcia Caton (nonfiction)


Current Projects, a.k.a. "In the Works"


A Manor of Life & Death (A Beaufort Scales cozy mystery), Kim Watt



Finding My Voice, Chilu Lemba (memoir)

#NotYet, Adam Frano (memoir, working title)



Barren to Beautiful (Christian memoir, infertility)