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I read books. I correct books. I read more books.

What's Keeping Me Busy?

What's Keeping Me Busy?


Awaiting Publication


"The Beard" (short story in anthology Behind the Mask), Steve Dillon (horror)

A Life Not Chosen, Carol Mills (historical fiction)

Goth-Ick Tales,Vol. I: 101 Damnations, Ciofki (microfiction horror)

Baking Bad, Kim M. Watt (cozy mystery)



Laughing at the Sky, Heidi Love (memoir)


Current Projects, a.k.a. "In the Works"


Genesis, Book 1, Dark Cry series, Adam Dresden (urban fantasy)

Manifest Destiny, J.T. Buckley (sci fi/space opera)



Changing Change, Darrell Haemer (nonfiction, business)

My Babysitter Is a Smartphone, Marcia Caton (nonfiction)

#NotYet, Adam Frano (memoir, working title)

25 Wishes, Elizabeth Oshisanya (self-help, working title)



Darklighters, Jack Tyler (steampunk)